2 senior executives leave their functions

Two senior leaders of the Christian commune of Gloriavale have resigned from their posts.

Fervent Stedfast has resigned as top community leader, after being accused of failing to handle employment issues during his tenure as financial controller of Gloriavale. He had held this position since 1995.

He resigned from his position as financial controller last year.

Faithful Pilgrim quit as headmaster of Gloriavale Christian School in 2020 over his failure to protect the children in his care.

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A spokesperson for the community said that taking full responsibility for this, he also resigned as the top leader of the community.

“These resignations are part of Gloriavale’s commitment to change, as outlined in its recent public apology,” the spokesperson said.

No decision has been made regarding their replacements.

The west coast commune has been at the center of accusations of sexual and physical abuse for decades, with police and Oranga Tamariki carrying out multiple investigations and bringing a number of charges.

In a statement sent to 1News by senior executive Peter Righteous, Gloriavale management said it was deeply saddened by the damage suffered by members.

“We apologize for our role in failing to prevent and protect victims of labor exploitation and sexual abuse.

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“We seek to reach out to those who are no longer part of our community and encourage them and our current members to speak to us openly if they have been harmed in any way,” the statement read.

A number of procedures have been put in place “that allow members of our community to share their experiences safely and that allow us to take steps to ensure they are loved and protected, with options for recourse” .

Joan D. Boling