7 life lessons young people can learn from Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi turns 72 today. Although in his seventies, he is full of energy. There are several young politicians across all parties, but none have the control over the youth that Prime Minister Modi has. It is because he is someone who always thinks ahead and works for an India that will be a better place for future generations. His ideas, thoughts and visions stay young and connect with today’s youth. Today being PM Modi’s birthday, I thought I would write down some life lessons that young people can learn from the life of Narendra Damodardas Modi in order to be truly successful. I think we can all learn, regardless of age, some really cool things if we just watch how Modi has functioned throughout his life and is still going strong.

Lesson 1 – Decide on your goal early in life

“Who you are is not defined by your birth but by your actions”. Modi’s life personifies this statement. At a very young age, he had clearly defined his objective: he wanted to work for society. Once you create this clarity in your mind, your path becomes clearer. That’s what happened with Modi who went online with his life’s purpose in mind and from then on he never looked back.

Lesson 2 – Read a lot. Travel a lot.

Reading and traveling help build a good perspective and make informed decisions. Modi read a lot and he was inspired by great personalities like Swami Vivekananda who I believe would have helped him to decide his life purpose, purpose. Reading sharpens your mind and traveling offers broader perspectives. Modi also traveled a lot at one point in his life, he just travelled, went to the Himalayas and came back much wiser.

Lesson 3 – Patience is Key

Have patience – Keep working smart and honing your skills. Opportunities may or may not be knocking at your door, but hard work will certainly open up new avenues for success.

Modi has made his way patiently. He started as a simple swayamsevak. He lived in a small room. At one point, his main job was simply cleaning up the RSS office. He always did it with great sincerity. He just kept on doing the work, absorbing, learning and soaking everything up like a sponge watching other leaders carefully and completing all the tasks given to him with great diligence. He did not expect immediate returns. There is no shortcut. Keep sharpening your ax as you go. This is the mantra.

Lesson 4 – Dream big, be ambitious and believe in yourself

We have all seen how Modi always tells everyone to dream big which he himself has done in his life. He is ambitious and sets very high goals for himself and for the party and works towards them. Our youth today must dream big. Being ambitious isn’t wrong, but being grounded and making thoughtful decisions leads us to success. Confidence and belief in yourself and your own abilities is the secret sauce. All the decisions Modi made for himself and his party gave him steady growth in his political career and brought him to where he is today.

Lesson 5 – Embrace Adversity

Adversity makes you stronger. Be comfortable making uncomfortable decisions. To learn rapidly. Adapt quickly to change. Have a strategy. Make yourself indispensable in an organization.

Modi has faced great adversity in his political career. The 2001 Gujarat earthquake and the 2002 Godhra problem are just two examples. Modi had to almost rebuild Kutch and make it a thriving center of industries, agriculture, tourism etc. We all know how Modi had to endure so many interrogations and hearings over the Godhra incident. He persevered and came out clean. In both cases, Modi viewed adversity as a learning experience and emerged stronger. After becoming prime minister, Modi had to make so many uncomfortable decisions, including reorganizing his team at the cost of disappointing several senior leaders. Modi also had to overcome several hurdles before he was finally appointed Chief Minister of Gujarat because at that time Modi became indispensable to the BJP due to his political acumen and skill set. Learning and adapting quickly, being strategic, making tough decisions and making yourself indispensable are the takeaways from the youth of Modi’s career.

Lesson 6 – Look at the big picture

It’s normal to lose a few battles to win the war. Take calculated risks, keep your emotions aside, bide your time and fight back hard.

Moditva may have had to backtrack in several instances or some of his actions may not have yielded the results he expected. However, Modi is a person who is not discouraged or disappointed by these and does not give up. He had to take back the agricultural laws that he thought would be good for the nation. He was cornered by the opposition over his demonetization decision and even during the tough times of Covid. Modi nevertheless ended up shining and all of India rallied behind him. The learning for young people is to lose a few battles, that’s fine, don’t get emotional with a defeat and quit or make hasty decisions, wait for the right moment and come back stronger, you will win the war.

Lesson 7 – Be different and create your own brand

Modi is a 24/7 politician who is very creative and always likes to stand out. His Jhan Dhan yojana, Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, Har Ghar Tiranga are great examples of his creativity and intelligent thinking. Young people should strive to become great communicators. Being articulate gives you a clear edge and gets people to notice you. If you can behave really well, you can make a statement just through your body language. Position yourself well in everything you do. A solid strategy, fueled by a smart, creative mind and excellent articulation, makes you a brand to be reckoned with.

Modi’s oratorical skills, creativity, decisiveness, personality, ambition, hard work, smart thinking, strategic approach to any problem, control of emotions even if others call him, ability to converting adversity into opportunity and all those traits that I called Moditva made him one of the most popular leaders in the world today. I hope Indian youth will imbibe these life lessons and succeed in life while making India a true Vishwaguru!

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Joan D. Boling