BJP is the destination for the talented

The BJP has become the only professionally run party today. It seems to be the only party that has a very strong talent strategy. He was really successful in cultivating local talent as well as scouting and acquiring talent from the public or other parties. Much of his success today can be attributed to his ability to place the right man or woman in the right position and his ability to quickly correct course early in the game when there is a lack of performance, regardless of seniority of individuals.

There are countless examples that show BJP’s excellent talent strategy. Let’s take local talent development first. Smriti Irani is a classic example of BJP’s eye for talent. She was an actress before entering politics. When BJP saw her skills, she was nurtured regularly and given the opportunity to grow quite quickly within the organization. The fact that she became the youngest cabinet minister in 2014 when the BJP came to power says a lot about how open Modi’s BJP is to give a post they think a member of the team deserves, even if it may seem risky. Smriti Irani’s stint as HRD minister was fraught with controversy and it looked like the BJP had gotten its fingers burned by making this aggressive move with a relatively young member. BJP quickly made a course correction and moved it to Textiles but did not give up on it. She eventually became a giant slayer beating Rahul Gandhi at Amethi and now continues as Minister of Women and Child Development. I wouldn’t be surprised if she became chief minister of a state at some point. This is called talent development.

Another great example is Nirmala Sitharaman who seemed to come out of nowhere and became Minister of Defense and was soon given the Ministry of Finance even though everyone expected her to continue with Defence. How not to take the names of people like Piyush Goyal and Ashwini Vaishnaw who are professionals in their own right and manage very large portfolios? The BJP did not hesitate to take Ravi Shankar Prasad’s portfolio and give it to Ashwini or Kiran Rijiju even though the former is a very senior member of the party. It’s a party that doesn’t get bogged down in seniority or other constraints like Congress and makes tough and fair decisions. Mansukh Mandavia, Tejaswi Surya are other examples and the list goes on.

Who would have predicted that Yogi Adityanath would become the chief minister of a great state like UP? As it was Modi’s BJP, it has become a reality and he is now rocking as one of India’s best chief ministers. Only an organization with an excellent sense of talent and strategy can make such decisions. No wonder the BJP is unbeatable today in Indian politics.

Now let’s come to BJP’s external talent acquisition strategy. Tamil Nadu fire brand leader K. Annamalai was a great addition to the BJP team which was an external acquisition in itself. Annamalai in his interview clearly mentioned that he took a lot of time to think which party he should join and finally chose BJP. Once he joined, the BJP immediately realized his potential and appointed him Vice President of Tamilnadu BJP and a few months later he was rightfully appointed Party President there. What other party today has taken such swift action to give the rightful opportunity to the most deserving. It turned out to be a win-win for the individual and the party. Jyotiraditya Scindia was such a pricey acquisition from the competition. He was immediately given difficult ministries even if there was the risk of upsetting some party incumbents. Himanta Biswa Sarma is another example of great talent re-acquisition from the competition and rightly given the right job at the right time. He now shines in the North East as one of the most powerful BJP chief ministers. BJP is open to taking people from the competition, but they pick and choose the right talent and do not hesitate to develop them quickly by giving them plum positions instead of falling into the trap of applying the traditional hierarchical approach that some organizations are adopting, fearing their existing talent might leave them if the newcomer jumps the line.

Most of the names I’ve taken above are fairly young people who still have a lot of years left in their political careers. These examples point to one thing. Modi’s BJP is an organization with a clear talent strategy that maintains merit as the sole metric for growth within the party. Their personnel strategy gives more weight to quality than quantity in terms of the number of years in the party for a member to grow. I don’t see this in any other party today and it is the secret of the BJP’s unstoppable success. If you are a young person or a person with excellent skills and you aspire to make it big in politics by working hard and smart for the public with sincerity and honesty, Modi’s BJP is your destination!

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Joan D. Boling