DMK’s history of derogating women

The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) has a history and that history is loaded with its derogatory leaders to women.

From its founder CN Annadurai to his successor Mr. Karunanidhi and the latter’s grandson Udayanidhi Stalin, top leaders like Duraimurugan, A. Raja and Ponmudy to the last standing cadre, there are many instances where leaders of the DMK made misogynistic and disparaging remarks about women.

From assaulting arch rival Jayalalithaa in the Assembly to pinching the hips of their own female executives, here are some examples of DMK men bashing women.


Despite the fact that Annadurai excelled in governance with his talents like public speaking and writing, he was caught up in controversy after he was allegedly involved in an affair with a famous actress. Unlike today’s politicians who would have vehemently denied such accusations, Annadurai, who was the chief minister of the state at the time, commented on this issue saying, “I am not a monk. I have my own desires and I am human. She was not a chaste woman either.

It is the same man who is now conferred titles like ‘Perarignar’ (renowned scholar).


The next step is Karunanidhi, who has a reputation for constantly speaking rudely about women. Once during a protest organized by the DMK in Madurai, Congress leader Indira Gandhi, who was then Prime Minister, was hit in the head and started bleeding. When asked to comment on the injury, Karunanidhi had perversely said that it would have been ‘menstrual blood’ that might have flowed for Indira Gandhi.

In another incident, a congresswoman by the name of Ananthanayaki had asked the Tamil Nadu Assembly where the so-called Dravida naadu (Dravidian country) was, to which Karunanidhi responded by saying that she should lift her petticoat and check underneath to find it.

He also slammed former CM Late Jayalalithaa after constantly losing to her, saying she couldn’t have any more children since her best years were behind her, and said he would have helped her have children. if she had asked him. He then went on to say that she knew a lot of languages ​​because she did “this kind of work”, alluding to prostitution.


On March 25, 1989, the Tamil Nadu Assembly witnessed a shameful episode when Duraimurugan, then a minister in the Karunanidhi government, assaulted Jaylalithaa and pulled his sari.

She was physically attacked by DMK deputies as she walked out of the Chamber.

Karunanidhi, then Chief Minister, would have swore at him after she called him a criminal in Tamil.

Udhayanidhi Stalin

In the aftermath, his grandson Udhayanidhi Stalin made disgusting remarks about Edappadi K. Palaniswami’s appointment as chief minister, saying he would have ‘got into Sasikala’s legs’ to get the post of CM .

“This is also the problem I face every time I campaign. I try to say ‘Edappadi’ government, immediately someone in the crowd says ‘Edupudi aatchi’ [slave government]. I wonder whose slave… Modi’s slave. On the other hand, another man shouts that it’s not ‘Edupudi’, it’s ‘corpse’. [again laughs]. That’s how he was lying at Sasikala’s feet, wasn’t it! He went under the table, the chair fell at his feet. If he had had the chance, he would have entered her legs too! Udhayanidhi Stalin made a wry remark with a smile at which DMK cadres can be heard laughing and clapping.

PTR Palanivel Thiagarajan

In what can be called behavior unbecoming for a person exercising public office, Madurai Central MP and Tamil Nadu Finance Minister Palanivel Thiagarajan unleashed abuses and launched personal attacks against Coimbatore MP South, Vanathi Srinivasan, who first called for insulting Goa during the 43rd GSR Council Meeting.

Coimbatore South MP Vanathi Srinivasan had condemned Palanivel Thiagarajan’s behavior during the TSG Council meeting and called it an insult to democracy.

To this, Minister DMK remarked whether the female BJP MP was a “congenital liar” or a person with a “low IQ”.

The finance minister later blocked the female BJP MP and justified himself by saying, “I’m blocking you like a normal person closes a window to avoid bad smells.”

RS Bharati

Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) Organizational Secretary RS Bharathi made derogatory comments about late AIADMK supremo J. Jayalalithaa and his aide Sasikala.

Speaking at an event held at Ambattur in Chennai in February 2021, RS Bharathi said, ““Recently, Jayalalithaa Memorial Hall was opened on 27th January. They gave ₹40,000 per bus from all over Tamil Nadu. They gave ₹2000 to those who got on the bus. They picked them up and dropped them off at Marina Beach. Edappadi and OPS thought the whole crowd would come to the Jayalalithaa memorial. But the crowd thought that instead of visiting this “moodhevi” (a pejorative slang in Tamil) they visited the Kalaignar’s [Karunanidhi’s] Memorial”.

Speaking further about CM Palaniswami, RS Bharathi said, “”When Udhayanidhi Stalin spoke, he said that you fell at Sasikala’s feet and became CM. But Udhayanidhi faces a case for this. EPS passed between the 2 legs of the table then passed under its 2 legs and fell”.

Dindigul Leoni

In the run up to the 2021 Assembly elections, Dindigul Leoni, the party’s propaganda secretary, spoke disparagingly of the women, comparing their figure to that of the barrels, and said that if they were to get the figure resembling at number 8, they should stop drinking. milk from imported cows.

The man who made the sexist remarks was appointed head of the Tamil Nadu Textbook & Educational Services Corporation by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, MK Stalin.

A Raja

At the height of the election campaign in March 2021, DMK MP Lok Sabha and deputy party secretary general A. Raja spoke ill of CM Palaniswami’s mother as he solicited support from DMK candidate Ezhilan in the Thousand Lights constituency in Chennai.

He had said that MP Stalin, who had worked as a rank and file volunteer in the party and rose to become the chief ministerial candidate, was a golden child born from a healthy relationship, while Palaniswami was born illegitimately.

He said: “Our DMK leader, Stalin, is the leader who was born pure blood and a healthy baby as well as by legitimate means, while Edappadi Palaniswami was born premature and was born from an illegitimate relationship.”

After denying derogating from Palaniswami’s mother, he again repeated the same words at a meeting in Cuddalore.

Dayanidhi Maran

DMK MP for Chennai Central Constituency Dayanidhi Maran was campaigning in Kinathukadhavu constituency for party candidate Kurichi Prabhakaran in the 2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections.

During the campaign, DMK MP said, “Minister Rajenthira Balaji says Jayalalithaa is their ‘Amma’ (mother) and Modi is their ‘daddy’. Look at the kind of relationship they have. If we say that, they (AIADMK) will cause a huge uproar.

DMK Youth Wing Man Pinches Female Civil Servant’s Hips

In April 2018, during a protest against the Center for Management Council Training in Cauvery, a DMK youth wing cadre named Prabhu assaulted Jayamani, a female DMK official and allegedly pinched her hip.

The disgusted and traumatized had organized a demonstration against the behavior of her own party man.

“A daring woman like me gets pinched in the hip and no one questions the attacker, how can a woman stay in DMK?”, the woman had complained to journalists.


In a recent address at a reception, DMK Minister K. Ponmudi disparagingly reminded female members of the public of the “free bus system for women” introduced by the Stalinist government.

“For you only 4000 rupees per card. Did he (Stalin) give or not? You understood well? Open your mouth and say. You have 4000 right? How are you on the bus today? If you want to go from here to Koyambedu or anywhere, you go ‘OC’ (free). You go on the ‘OC’ bus,” he said.

Saidai Sadiq

Entering this hall of fame is DMK’s rude spokesperson, Saidai Sadique, who made derogatory and misogynistic comments targeting female BJP Tamil Nadu leaders.

Saidai Sadiq said, “How are you going to expand the BJP in Tamil Nadu? The BJP has four actresses. Khushbu, Namitha, Gayathri Raghuramm, Gauthami. We have built the DMK party in North Madras with strong leaders such as TR Balu and Balraman in the past, and Elaya Aruna in the present.

He called the four Tamil Nadu BJP actresses prostitutes, saying, “We have built the party with strong leaders, but if you look at the BJP leaders, the four women are ‘objects’ (prostitutes).”

He also made sexual innuendos about Khusbhu obliquely stating that DMK leader Elaya Aruna had sex with actress Kushboo on several occasions.

These examples show that derogating from women has become something of a tradition for the DMK.

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Joan D. Boling