Grimes wants to bounce back from Elon Musk with ‘Lesbian Space Commune’

Everyone deserves a little rebound time after coming out of a long-term relationship. Grimes, the electronic artist who spent three years dating SpaceX founder Elon Musk, has announced that her post-breakup plan is to relocate to one of Jupiter’s moons to establish a “lesbian space commune.” “.

Grimes, real name Claire Boucher, sat in the other room while Musk announced the news about their “semi-” split last week to Hollywood gossip newspaper Page Six.

“I will colonize Europa separately from Elon for the lesbian space community,” she wrote today in an email to page 6. In July, NASA awarded SpaceX, Musk’s rocket company, a $178 million launch services contract for his mission in Europe.

In July, the Ministry of Justice opened an investigation in SpaceX labor practices after allegations that the company discriminates against non-US citizens and, in 2014, employees accused the company violations of labor rights. Grimes has been very kindly critical of her billionaire boyfriend’s bad takes in the past – once replying ‘it’s not your heart’ to one of his tweets saying “pronouns suck” – but mostly defended it against criticism.

But perhaps following this separation of two very rich earthlings, we could one day see fully automated luxury gay space communism in our lives – at least, on one corner of the gaseous planet’s icy moon.

Joan D. Boling