NEC hires officials ahead of city council elections

Candidates take exams for recruiting short-term contract staff to work at the Koh Kong Provincial Election Secretariat on February 4. NEC

The National Election Committee (NEC) has announced plans to recruit 8,302 civil servants on short-term contracts to serve in 1,652 township election commissions for the June township elections.

Each of the communes will need a head of general operations and finance and a deputy head. The NEC will also recruit a member in charge of administration; one for legal, litigation and security services; and one to three members responsible for education, information and public relations.

The recruitment criteria will be displayed in the municipal-provincial electoral commissions and in public places in all municipalities and communes from February 6.

NEC spokesman Som Sorida said each communal council commission usually has five members, but larger communes can have up to six, including the chief, deputy chief and members. All would be required to start work soon and their contracts would end once the election results are finalized.

“They will start working in March registering candidates. This month, we aim to recruit and train them so that they are ready to carry out their important tasks,” he said.

He added that the short-term nature of the contracts meant that many of those best qualified for the roles were already on full-time appointments at other institutions, but he encouraged those who had done this type of work to come forward. and participate in order to ensure a successful election.

Joan D. Boling