Roman Alonso of Commune Design

At this episode of the Clever podcast, Amy Devers talks to Commune Design director Roman Alonso, who grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, often traveling in an RV with his family to get away to nature, before moving to Miami as a teenager . He attended Boston University, with the underlying fantasy of going to New York. After college, he got a job at Barney’s in New York, wrote for the style section of the New York Times, and started a publishing company, Greybull Press. Commune was founded in 2004 in Los Angeles and since then Roman and his partner Steven Johanknecht have transformed it into a vibrant community of creatives, a communal boutique and impressive international hospitality projects, including numerous Ace Hotels, who have the adventurous and warm spirit that Roman brings. to everything he does. Listen:

Kitchen, Santa Cruz, CA 2020 Photo: Stephen Kent Johnson

The Durham Hotel, Durham, North Carolina, 2015. Photo: Spencer Lowell

Roman’s reading nook at home, Los Angeles, CA, 2018 Photo: Stephen Kent Johnson

Design Commune (Abrams, 2020)

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