Sar Kheng prepares civil servants for communal elections

Interior Minister Sar Kheng yesterday urged all government officials to provide quality service to all citizens, saying it is in everyone’s interest.

During the meeting with the officials of Battambang province, he said that each of them should take responsibility for their work, be careful not to exclude anyone and deal honestly with everyone they meet.

Kheng said, “We must fulfill our duties as service providers and do our best for the people ahead of the communal elections, which will be held on June 5.”

He added, “I asked all leaders and officials to work hard to contribute to the success of the decentralization and concentration reforms, and to take seriously their responsibility to provide public services to the people.”

Kheng expressed his appreciation and appreciation to the provincial field team at all levels for joining forces in service to the nation and the people of Battambang, especially in the difficult context of the pandemic.

He also asked candidates in the upcoming elections to try to do more good deeds for the people, especially to meet voters to better understand their lives.

He asked all candidates to work hard to win the communal elections.

“Each political party works very hard to train its candidates so that after their victory they will be capable commune leaders,” he added.

Grassroots Democratic Party General Secretary Sam Inn said yesterday he had fielded at least 100 candidates across the country to run for office.

He added that the party has provided incentives to all grassroots commune council candidates to understand the job of commune chief so that after winning, they know their priorities and how to serve the people without discrimination.

“Cambodia’s historical profile makes the base more capable and accountable to deliver public services to the people,” he added.

“To become good commune leaders, they must have a clear vision and mission and be willing to focus on development for the good of the whole commune,” he said. “Win-win policy is something they need to know.”

Khmer Will Party Chairman Kong Monika said: “We fielded candidates in eight major provinces, but we did not nominate them in all provinces.”

He admitted his party did not have the manpower or the resources to field candidates across the country, but said he hoped to win many of the seats he was vying for.

“Our candidates are ready to take on the duties of commune chiefs and be the best leaders,” Monika said.

Joan D. Boling