The Absolut Creative Community –

By IANSlife

New Delhi, January 24 (IANSlife): The Absolut Creative Commune, with the aim of championing an open and harmonious world and bringing positive change to the world through art, will work as a catalyst in a world where societies are fragmented, generating positive change, stimulating conversations and engaging with large audiences in creative, unexpected and meaningful ways.

Artists will creatively exhibit their interpretation of culturally relevant ideals such as gender equality, global unity, free speech, environmentalism and inclusivity within the campaign, which is in line to the Absolut philosophy.

Commune artists champion an Absolut world – a world without prejudice – and are dedicated to bringing about change through their art. The ad brings the brand’s attitude and ideals, as well as the “Born Colourless” campaign, to the fore.

The mainstays of the campaign, the artists, have ingeniously linked their works to values ​​in which they deeply believe, values ​​which the brand honors. Khyati Trehan, graphic designer by day and 3D visual artist by night, has built a virtual kinetic exhibit that shows how, despite our differences, we are all human. Tarqueeb, a visual artist, expressed the synergy between nature and the modern world through his creation of digital art for Absolut Creative Commune. Osheen Siva, a multidisciplinary artist, has developed a lively artwork that celebrates the camaraderie of women from diverse backgrounds. Daku has curated a time lapse of the shadow of a tree, which he experiments with in terms of time and space. A community of cis and transgender women raising awareness through public art projects, Aravani Art Project’s mural for Absolut Creative Commune depicts a world that is more empathetic and open to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Absolut will inspire budding artists to come together and express their interpretation of one of the five principles using the Absolut brand silhouette through this campaign and an open competition. Aspiring artists will have the opportunity to design a work of art in collaboration with one of the Absolut Creative Commune artists. The initiative will include a stunning discussion by artist Osheen Siva on “Achieving Fearlessness for Women through the Power of Art”, creating a comprehensive experience. On January 27, she will address the public via Absolut’s Instagram profile, followed by an Aravani Art Project workshop on ‘Art and Identity’ on the same platform on February 5.

With Absolut Creative Commune, the brand plans to trigger a movement to “Create better together” and to stimulate targeted dialogue in society.

Commenting on the launch of Absolut Creative Commune, Kartik Mohindra, Chief Marketing Officer, Pernod Ricard India, said: “Absolut has always been at the forefront, leading with determination and creating a wave of positive change. With digital platforms acting as windows of connection Today, Absolut Creative Commune harnesses the power of virtual public space that enables an immersive and accessible experience. Artists, and their artwork, are the voice of Absolut Creative Commune, and together we will bring the spirit of the campaign to the forefront, connecting with the young people who will be crusaders for change. »

Commenting on the launch, Tarqeeb said: “For Absolut Creative Commune, my intention was to get people thinking about the meaning of sustainability and how crucial it is for our society to give nature a chance to recover. I had a great time interpreting my subject in the current context of a post-pandemic world. This work is my vision of how society will have to adapt and change to preserve our planet for generations to come.

Osheen Siva said, “Collaborating with Absolut Creative Commune was inspired by the need for equal rights and representation. It reflects the need for equality for all genders for our society to be inclusive and progressive. I was happy to work on this project as it touches on causes that are close to my heart, such as solidarity, feminism and living together. »

Daku said, “My work for Absolut Creative Commune is an amalgamation of different scripts from all parts of India. It’s beautiful to see how these cultures are connected and intertwined, which celebrate ‘freedom of expression’. “. When light falls on the sculpture, it creates shadows that overlap and separate to create shapes, just like people and their culture.”

Joan D. Boling