The GDP defines its policies before the municipal elections

The Basic Democratic Party (GDP) said it had defined the responsibilities of its candidates in the communal elections next month.

The GDP explained his plans during an event held in Poung Peay village in Phnom Penh under the theme “Towards the construction of model communes in 2022-2027”, attended by three hundred leaders and supporters.

Party chairman Yeng Virak said the GDP had prepared candidates for 32 municipal council elections in Phnom Penh and the provinces.

He said the candidates representing the GDP would conduct surveys to gather information on the problems faced by the population at the local level.

“If we don’t meet local people, we won’t know what they need and what problems are unresolved. The GDP will try to help find a solution to the problems faced by the population,” Virak said.

Party founder Yang Saing Koma said yesterday that the GDP set out five policies on economy and employment, health, education and youth, social affairs and public services.

He said these five policies will be implemented by GDP candidates at the local level.

Candidates will need to get the word out to the people to understand these important policies so that it is easier for the people to decide their vote.

Candidates study local needs and find ways to address issues such as drug abuse and others within communities.

“If a PDG candidate is elected as commune chief, the party will use the national budget allocated by the government to each commune to implement infrastructure projects as well as health, education, social affairs, agriculture and other sectors,” Saing Koma added.

Ngoun Sophal, the PDG candidate in Damnak Sokram commune in Dang Tong district of Kampot province, said most people in the commune know and support him.

He said that in the past he had helped with social work and infrastructure works in Damnak Sokram commune because he wanted to help solve the problems of the local people.

“I hope to be elected as commune chief because I have noticed that people like and appreciate the work I do in the commune,” Sophal added.

Lao Mong Hay, a political analyst, said local officials and experts should cooperate with everyone to identify and solve problems and mobilize resources if needed.

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Joan D. Boling