VCK official arrested for kidnapping businessman in Chidambaram

On Wednesday, Chidambaram Police arrested four people, including an official of Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK), in connection with a kidnapping in Chidambaram, Cuddalore district. They are looking for five other people who fled the scene in connection with the case.

Haja Moideen, originally from Chidambaram, who used to work in an IT company, quit her job and now lives in Mumbai with her family. He owns houses and land in Neelangarai and other parts of Chennai, Chidambaram and Thanjavur.

He recently traveled from Mumbai to Thanjavur to visit his sister and was planning to sell his Chidambaram property, which he bought from Jamaaludeen in 2017.

Upon learning of Haaja Moideen’s plan to sell the property, Jamaaludeen threatened him to return the property at the same price he sold in 2017. However, Haaja Moideen refused to sell the property to Jamaaludeen, causing him to bored.

In this situation, 9 people including Jamaaluddin, Chidambaram Parliamentary Constituency Secretary of VCK, VK Chellappan abducted Haaja Moideen who came by car to Lalkhan Street in Chidambaram on November 5th. Subsequently, Jamaaludeen and VK Chellappan locked Haja Moideen in a hotel room in the Vandigate area for two days, demanded original property documents, beat him and severely assaulted him.

He somehow informed his friend Kumar in Chennai about the kidnapping. Following his friend’s complaint, Chidambaram police rushed to the scene and found them missing. After investigation, it was revealed that the abducted Haja Moideen had been transferred in a car to another location. The police then traced the car through the GPS signal of the cell phones inside the car and intercepted it on the way to Chennai in the Pallikaranai area under the jurisdiction of the Neelangarai Police.

Police later rescued Haja Moideen and arrested four people involved in the kidnapping including Jamaluddin, VCK official VK Chellappan, Vijayabaskar from Omakulam, Ravindran from Manalur, as well as confiscated the car used in the kidnapping. . The police are looking for five fugitives in this case, namely Mohammad Rafiq, Senthil, Nadanam, Natraj and Bala.

(with entries from Dinamani)

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Joan D. Boling