Warhammer 40K Hot Mess – Chaos Space Marine Dark Commune

I just had to build the CSM Dark Commune. They were…difficult. So many little pieces for a unit that is just… a hot mess. Let’s talk.

Did anyone want some kind of crazy cult leaders who aren’t very good? I know not. Look, I know CSM’s new stuff is really new. I haven’t had a real chance to test the unit over time. But I don’t think I have too much. It’s a group of weak cultists who kind of do tricks to the cultists around them. But since you can’t take that many cultists or a pure army of true believers, what’s the point? The new 40k landscape is very hard on more than 3 HQ choices in any army. So having a weird extra troop choice that doesn’t do much isn’t the best thing to do in this cutthroat 40k era.

CSM Dark Commune Bases

Here is the group of leaders at the top of the MLM pyramid which is the Chaos Space Marine outfit selling company. They are supposed to be the priests, icon bearers and badass of the sect. Instead, you get a few jerks that can do a few things but not particularly well. The party can cast a prayer, cast a spell, and attack someone very badly. It’s just a weird unit that doesn’t push anything it’s trying to do in a way that’s actually viable. This is where it looks like a very oddly bad unit in a book that’s full of HQ choices.

First – Let’s make them unique

Ok, the first thing I would do is remove all the HQ choice for this role. This must be some sort of “advisor” option that you can take if you buy a Chaos Lord and a Unit of Cultists. You get this unit that doesn’t take up a force organization slot and lets you do weird things. Also, let’s turn the unit purchase into a group that can be made up of a few ICs that run around and also make things better. Push each of the models into something cool. Let’s make Rented Blades real cool little assassin options that pop out of a Cultist unit and punch someone. Make the Mindwitch a cool little launcher that gives throwing bonuses for the launcher and maybe other fun bonuses. Let’s get this unit clean.

I talked a little but make them better!

Again, make them feel like they really are the leaders of a cult. Have them amp up cultist blobs into crazy stuff. Blast them into some kind of demon to help the Chaos Space Marines get things done. Make them marks that make all the options unique. I love the idea that these are the patterns your army demons are summoned through just to get it healed.

We need more help!

Instead of praying, just give them zealous auras

Now you know how I said you should give them marks, so let’s make the marks unique. If you give them Nurgle, they turn your cultists into zombies with FNP and fearlessness. If you do the Dark Commune Slaanesh, they become pleasure/pain seeking lunatics who come to take your candy. You cast Khorne on them and they get a point of Strength and AP on their weapons. You give them Tzeentch and let them give some sort of casting bonus to their psychic leaders and other fun options.

Let’s make this unit clean!

Look, I just don’t get this unit, but I would love the idea of ​​creating a nice little unit that would improve your army. Instead of little little things that don’t really matter. The extra leadership doesn’t matter because your cultists suck. So any kind of attention paid to them will kill them in the end. Heck, you could have the Dark Commune perform the sacrifices to fuel something chaotic. Let them throw mortal wounds at nearby cultists and you get something like simple re-rolls or other fun and weird chaos things, all depending on which chaos god they worship.

Chaos is meant to be chaotic and bizarre. This unit must be a little quirky because if not, why buy it?

Let us know how you would fix the unit, in the comments!


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